Rhodes USA Moves Into New Location

March 10, 2021

West Texas: Rhodes USA, partner of global construction service company Rhodes Group, will be moving into its new office at Reese Technology Center on March 15, 2021.

Reese Technology Center is the premier regional center for economic development, centered around technology, research, engineering, education, and manufacturing. Reese Technology Center’s location offers private airfield access, abundant meeting space, and a state-of-the-art data center. To learn more about Reese Technology Center, visit http://www.reesetechnologycenter.com/.

With thousands of square feet of laydown space and a commercial entrance located right off State Highway 114, Reese Center is able to accommodate the needs of Rhodes USA’s necessary resources. From design, compliance, and project management services to structural framing components fabricated in-house, the partnership between Rhodes USA and the Reese Technology Center is a perfect fit.

Rhodes USA offers full turn-key construction services throughout the United States and beyond. Services include design, manufacturing, supply and construction capabilities as well as in-house civil, structural, and architectural engineering. Rhodes USA is proud to be headquartered in West Texas where business relationships are built to serve the community and hard work is celebrated.

About Rhodes USA


Our business has evolved from design, compliance and project management services, and has now progressed to a company supplying a diverse range of quality building products throughout the United States. Our current design, manufacturing, supply and construction capabilities combined with our vertical integration means that we now offer full turn-key services across the US and beyond. Our civil, structural, and architectural engineering is all completed and certified in house, allowing us to understand every stage of the building process.

Rhodes USA is proud to be a part of the Rhodes Group with operations across the globe. We provide modern methods of construction while maintaining safety, environmental responsibility, and equality throughout our branches.